Entropy 16

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 16. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Target Lock. The enemies have various elemental resistances, Strong HP Attacks.. The recommended roles would be Damage Mitigation, High Damage, Turn Manipulation, Support & Healers. The bosses' total HP is 8,800,000. The turn requirement is 100. The DPT you need is 88K. 

Ghost Brothers (3x) Weak to Holy; Resistant to Dark. The Ghost Brothers go down fast. Keep them broken on their turn to avoid Dark Bargain (BRV+HP). They buff themselves and get stronger when one of them dies, so kill them all close to each other.  
Debuff Inflicted: DEF Down

Ankh Beast (2x) Weak to Thunder. The Ankh Beast has higher stats when airborne because of its framed buff.
Unlike in Fran LC, they do not have instant break. Keep them broken and heal up when you take HP damage. Debuffs Inflicted: DEF/SPD Down

Brainpan (1x) Weak to Holy. Kum Kum (2x) Resistant to Earth. The Kum Kums can inflict instant break and battery themselves but overall not threatening. The Brainpan has a BRV Gain + AoE HP Attack that inflicts Doom to the party. It can also inflict Doom to a single unit. Keep them broken and heal up.
Debuffs Inflicted: iBRV Down, Doom

Ymir (2x). The Ymirs have attacks that can delay you and inflict several debuffs. When it hides in its shell, it gains a huge amount of BRV and raises its Defense. As such, make sure you manage the turn order well to avoid being one-shotted. You can deal with this using instant breaks, shields, HP silence, sleep, BRV Gain prevention debuffs.
Debuffs Inflicted: ATK/mBRV/SPD Down, Turn Rate Down

Demon Wall. Demon Wall cannot be launched and has attacks that can delay you. The weaker it gets the faster it becomes. It can also cleanse your generic buffs. Its recast ability is a BRV Gain + AoE BRV + AoE HP Attack. Don't get broken from its recast and single target attacks to avoid being wiped out. Make sure to heal up after taking HP damage. 

You can neutralize the damage from the Demon Wall by having BRV/HP damage reduction, blind, sleep, HP silence, or turn delay/deletion.  Its best to save the summon on this last wave and burst it down.
Debuffs Inflicted: DEF/iBRV Down, Stone

The most important parts of this tier is actually balanced team building, generally comprised of a Damage  Dealer, a Support/Healer, and a Utility character to handle BRV/HP Mitigation or Turn Manipulation.

Damage Mitigation is handled very well with Edward's sleep, Nine's shields, Leon's BRV DMG absorb, Kimahri's total blindness, and Kefka's crippling debuffs & HP attack disable. Numerous characters can fit this bill, it's simply important to protect your team as [Lock] cannot be inflicted on enemy by your Tanks. Nine & Kimahri providing party healing is also very helpful.

Turn Manipulation of sorts is handled by Ardyn with his unbreaks, Quistis with her SPD down debuffs & delay, and Edward again, with the delay from his Sleep debuff expiring. These characters can give your team more than enough breathing room.

Damage is the most flexible spot, with Ardyn being certainly the best fit. Squall's AoE prowess will help with the 10 enemies before the Demon Wall, and Rinoa is similar, though she also provides nice Support & Healing. Maria is a more Support oriented option for you, and she will provide great Healing throughout.