Entropy 1

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 1. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Magic Damage. Enemies have high defenses overall. They also have strong AoE BRV attacks especially the 3rd wave. The last wave has deadly HP attacks. The roles recommended are to have Burst DPT, Debuffers and units with Utility. The bosses' total HP is 3,955,000. The turn requirement is 110. The DPT you need is 34K.

  • Wave 1 (Trash Wave)
    Two Wolves and One Lunatic Mini Dragon. Kill the Mini Dragon first as it will always stat of with an AoE BRV+HP attack that you don't want to get this early.

  • Wave 2 (Trash Wave)
    Two Lunatic Nightmare and One Wolf. Prioritize the Nightmares first then the Wolf.

  • Wave 3 (Boss Wave)
    One Lunatic Prominence and Two Small Lunatic Prominence. The Prominence basically swells and gets bigger according to turn count. By its 4th swell, it will use Big Bang with is a BRV Gain + AoE HP Attack that can wipe out your party. You want to focus on Prominence while killing the smaller ones with splash damage as they will respawn anyway when killed. Bring party members that can heal and withstand the HP damage (Debuffers or BRV DMG Mitigation).

  • Wave 4 (Trash Wave)
    Two Lunatic Mini Dragons. Burst them down before they get a chance to unleash their AoE BRV+HP Attacks.

  • Wave 5 (Final Boss Wave)
    One Lunatic Humbaba and One King Behemoth. It is recommended to kill the Humbaba first as it can delay your character for 5 turns and have high turn rates. SPD Debuffers help a lot or lock it down with paralysis or delays. King Behemoth also has AoE HP attacks that you should watch out and it is weak to Fire. Saving your summon here is great so you can better burst these bosses down.

Most Used Units. Agrias comes on as the most used unit with her amazing DPT, paralysis and healing. Comes next is Noel with his DPT and delays. Basche works well here as he can absorb incoming AoE HP attacks for the team. Tidus and Vincent respectively for their debuffs and good DPT. Cloud with his utility is always welcome. Lyse with her AoE DPT and decent auras. Lilisette is awesome with her debuffs. WoL very much a valuable tank in any tier. Garland with his DPT and AoE Delays. Lastly Locke with his DPT and healing.

EX Only Units. Noel & Ramza can pretty much do this tier on base EX thanks to their DPT, good auras and longevity. Porom and Sherlotta are great base EX healers.

Summons Used. Ifrit is your go-to summons with the last wave being weak to Fire. At the same time you should always be at 100% health with decent healers in the team.

Top Unit. Agrias is the top unit for this tier. Having her in the team very much helps you fill not just the DPT role but every the utility and healer roles too. It is recommended to save up your AA uses on wave 3 with the bombs and/or the last wave. You want to pair her with debuffers such as Tidus, Lilisette or Vincent. Auras, Support or Tank are very much welcome like Ramza and WoL. And an additional DPT like Noel will not hurt.

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Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps