Crystal Quests

& Passives

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(tl;dr: Crystal Passives, Room and Abilities)

tl;dr: They provide stats and passives to boost certain crystal color characters (you decide who you use). Do the highest Lv fight you can and spend points to slowly build toward 3 passives and move on to another color (up to 4.5k) or complete the color and get all the passives (18k points) to also unlock a mighty Crystal Ability!

If you'd like to invest into a specific Color, but cannot handle the Lv 3 fight, you can do a lower level (Lv 1 or Lv 2) and have another color beat Lv 3 and get the leftovers. 

After some time, new fights will be added to the pool while older fights will be taken out of rotation. 

Crystal Abilities - Unlock these special abilities when you max out a full Crystal Room

Weekly Walkthrough

Reminder: Everyone has the same starting mission, rerolls are random so good luck!

Compendium's Crystal Quests Enemy Page

Step 1: Check the fight.

Step 1a: Maybe there's a better fight.

Step 1b: Default fight sucks ew.

Step 2: Turn up the heat.

Step 3: Let them cook.

Step 4: Crystal Room to spend points.

Step 5: Massacre the points for goodies.

Step 6: Find the Crystal Passives Equip

Step 7: Equip as you need (applies to ALL)

Crystal Quests Call2Arms

Useful Units of Each Crystal Color

Beginning units have FR Echo, Units at the end lack weapons/FR boards, but provide powerful utility or damage

No Echo
No Echo
No Echo
No Echo
No Echo
No Echo

Crystal Passives Full List & Descriptions

Note: While the infographic suggests some choices, here are all the options available if you have a specific need for something else or have units that can compensate the downsides of an HP poison that hurts the score count.


U1 & U2 are useful utility in that U1 takes up a buff slot for buff slot clogging (with 6 framed buffs, no more debuffs can be placed) and U2 allows buffs/debuffs to be placed easier. 

U4 is useful for allies that rely on EX damage, but they lack an effect that refills EX quickly, you lack Rem BT, you don't want to rely on Bahaumut or you want Enna Kros to have many more chances to use EX.

U6 is useful for allies with huge LD damage which you can use during force time. This strategy probably asks you don't BT phase.

U1 - Gold Framed 50% ATK Up, 80% iBRV Regen & 5% HP Regen on QS. 

U2 - At the start of the quest first turn becomes an instant & free turn. If a similar effect is applied (e.g. Lightning) extends the effect for 1 turn. 30% BRV/HP Damage Up for 3 Turns.

U3 - During Force Time, Gains a 10% Bonus to FR % Value. Decreases FR Charging Speed by 40%.

U4 - After own turn, 20% chance of instantly filling own EX. Lose 2 uses of S1 & S2.

U5 - 100% debuff evasion but decreases buff duration of own placed by buffs by 2 turns. If buff was originally 2 turns, it becomes 1 instead.

U6 - Gain 2 uses of LD.

 When using your LD Abilit: 20% HP DMG & Limit Up. EX Recast Doesn't Fill on LD use (Characters who fill on LD such as Nabaat will have this completely negated meaning no fill). 

When using EX: 20% HP DMG & Limit Down.


A1, A3 and A5 are the most impactful for any unit, A2 can help with launches if you lack Keiss LDCA or a BT effect that batteries party at the end of turns.

A1 - 20% ATK & mBRV Up. Increases by a further 10% every 5 turns up to 3 times. (50% ATK/mBRV up total)

A2 - 50% BRV Retain in launch HP attacks.

A3 - 5% BRV/HP DMG up per buff. HP DMG Limit +10% flat. Buffs ticks down an extra turn on turn end.

A4 - During consecutive turns, adds 1 BRV Attack for every BRV hit. 70% mBRV poison. (Prishe LDCA basically)

A5 - BRV gain (100% ATK between HP attacks). BRV & HP DMG taken +50%. 

A6 - When HP is less than 70%, 20%HP DMG Limit. Self 40% HP Poison on turns (WILL hurt HP mission).


D3, D6 & D4 can help solos as counter/trap units become Walmart Rubicante. A5 instead of D6 can help with damage where BRV damage is heavily resisted.

D1 : 1 Use of Last Stand (no HP requirement). Triggering will also trigger 50% HP Regen for 2T.

D2 : mHP & iBRV Up. Increases every 5 Turns (Max of 30% each)

D3 : -30% BRV/HP taken. 30% Turn Rate Down.

D4 : When taking HP DMG (non lethal) instantly heal 40% mHP. 50% mBRV down.

D5 : 10% HP Regen, 30% mBRV Regen, but 30% ATK down.

D6 : 20% Overheal, but 30% SPD down.