Entropy 6

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 6. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Melee Damage. There are multiple bosses from the 2nd wave onwards. This is a debuff-heavy tier wherein their debuffs include Poison, Blind, ATK/MBRV/DEF/SPD Down. The recommended roles are AoE DPT, Healing, and Debuff Evasion. The bosses' total HP is 5,455,000. The turn requirement is 125. The DPT you need is 42K.

In all boss wave fights, debuff cleansing/evasion is not mandatory but very much recommended in line with the number of debuffs the enemies inflict.

Most Used Units. The Emperor is the most used unit for this tier. With his traps, he demolishes the bosses with high DPT and turn manipulation. He is followed by Yuna with her debuff cleansing capabilities. Rosa and Yshtola with their amazing auras and battery. Ultimecia, Ace and Kuja with their high magic DPT. Sherlotta with her HP healing. Celes helps cheese the fight with her mechanic and Setzer's freeze can be used in clutch situations saving you from annihilation. 

EX Only Units. Sherlotta is yet again very much usable for this tier. Lenna and Selphie with their debuff evasion shines. Porom with her HP DMG Mitigation. Yuna with her debuff cleansing and Ashe with her buffs and paralysis.

Summons Used. Shiva and Ifrit are the most used summons. You will take HP damage so Shiva helps you not lose Attack auras. The Malboros are weak to fire so Ifrit would also prove to be helpful. 

Top Unit. The Emperor is the top unit for this tier. With his trap debuff, you are able to control the enemies' turn order and BRV very well. Additional magic DPT are Ultimecia, Ace and Kuja. Support & Healers you can bring are Yuna (Debuff Cleansing), Rosa, Yshtola and Sherlotta. 

Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps