D Spheres


About D Spheres

  • They all lean toward granting party auras when certain conditions are met.

  • Keywords for the abbreviations below are referenced at the bottom

  • What is best?

    • Every character is different, but there are some general rules

    • Attack auras are all that matters, even from refined versions, as long as you can trigger them.

    • Freya sphere for characters with HP based damage, limited to just Porom & Lenna

    • Other spheres are useless

ATK Aura D spheres

These are generally the only D spheres you ever need. ATK aura is best, just make sure your character can reliably trigger it!

Party ATK & mBRV +5%

3T buffing
with 5+ buffs
3T broken
3T crit

Party ATK +5%

with 3+ buffs
6T broken enemy
6T buffing
6T on crit
1% (x5) buffing
5% weak DMG

mBRV, iBRV, & HP Aura D spheres

Freya sphere is the "best" D sphere for characters that deal damage based on their or the party's HP stat, such as Porom and Lenna. The rest are relative junk.

Party iBRV +10%

6T buffing

Party iBRV & mBRV +5%

3+ buffs
3T buffing

Party mBRV +5%

3+ buffs
6T broken enemy
6T buffing
6T crit
1% (x5) buffing
6T weak DMG

Party HP +10%

  • Keywords used under character images:

      • broken enemy - when attacking a broken target or breaking them

      • #+ buffs - when the character has at least that many buffs

      • buffing - when granting a buff

      • self healing - when healing your own HP