(pronounced Kais, rhymes with ice)

Character Notes & Recommendations

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Summon Board Passive selections:

  • Odin choose 3 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 4 / 6 / 7

  • Usuals:

    • Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Brothers 4 / 5 / 7

    • Leviathan, Pandemonium, Diabolos, Alexander 4 / 5 / 6

  • For more details and help with summons, check Summon Hub!

Sphere Recommendations

  • A Sphere: This is pretty wide open, his own is best, but any other ATK or BRV DMG is fine. You can also opt to give him an mBRV sphere, which isn’t very good in a general sense, but if you’re short and want to maximize his battery, it’s passable.

  • D Sphere: Focus on ATK and/or mBRV. Hope is best by far, but any ATK sphere is good. You can also opt for the 5% mBRV spheres for a minimal effect… again, they are passable.

  • E Sphere: Focus mBRV and/or ATK. Quistis is probably best since it’s an aura, or you can use Eald’narche for a larger self stat boost - both help his battery. Irvine is best after that, and then all the other ATK spheres.

How-To-Play Notes

  • Turns any team into a launching team and makes launch teams even launchier!

  • Keiss is tricky to play, especially depending on your team composition. He is more reliant on team comps than most characters are, but here are some helpful guidelines.

  • Open with his LD to drop his debuff if you are prepared to start launching. If the enemy cleanses debuffs, consider opening with Selkie Throw as a bit of filler…

  • Selkie Throw is generally to maintain your buff and recharge your EX. No battery here, so really just use as filler for single target BRV shaving.

  • Hero Support is *loaded* - This attack can’t launch an enemy, but Keiss will give an 8 turn buff to an ally, and jump his turn behind them. That ally will be able to launch the enemy on their turn and can now last entire BT durations!

    • If your ally’s attack is AoE (BRV hits, split/splash/full HP DMG), then all non-targeted enemies can also be launched after the allies turn, enabling more damage

    • Your ally can’t be broken while they have this buff with normal BRV attacks

    • If your ally counter attacks or traps the enemy (i.e. Gladio, Gau, Firion, etc), then any enemies they damage will be launchable on the next turn while the buff is active

    • If you need 100% BRV reduction to shave an enemy down (very important in Transcendence 1), then use Hero Support as utility, to set up a launch and have Keiss use BRV+ in the chase to reduce their BRV to 0

  • Hero Support Recovery Attack All is great to use when the lufenia orb is safe, don’t be afraid to use this multiple times back to back as needed, since their other effect is minimal.

  • HP++ (not shown) is an option if the enemy can be launched on Keiss' turn since he’ll battery the party and attack. Remember in a chase that even if Keiss has 0 BRV, he will battery the party before the HP attack. BRV++ is also a party battery if you need avoid Keiss being broken. You usually don't want to press these buttons, but they are there in an emergency.

Removable Passives

  • BRV Attack+ HP Attack+ Up (trash)

  • DEF passives

  • Back Attack (generally better to upgrade armor than remove)

  • Buff Speed (generally better to upgrade armor than remove)

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