High Armor+ FAQ

What is High Armor+? (Also called blue armor when maxed)

  • HA+ is the realized/upgraded version of Lufenia Armor (the armor you buy with pink tokens after beating a Lufenia stage)

  • HA+ just increases your characters' BRV & HP Damage Limits (like 9999 BRV DMG or 99999 HP DMG, aka damage caps)

Do all characters need HA+?

  • Whenever a character reruns on a banner with their LD, they will gain access to their HA+

  • No character needs HA+ whatsoever

  • Only get HA+ for characters that you plan to use in future Lufenia stages, or your favorites.

What are the boosts that HA+ gives a character?

  • This can be very confusing, so we'd prefer to simplify it with our own terms. Each armor gives benefits that fall into one of four categories:

    • BRV Limit++ : The character's BRV DMG Limit is raised a lot (30%), with a small boost to their HP DMG Limit (10%)

    • HP Limit++ : The character's HP DMG Limit is raised a lot (30%), with a small boost to their BRV DMG Limit (10%)

    • Dual Limit+ : The character's BRV & HP DMG Limit are both raised an equal amount (20%)

    • HP Limit+++ : Only for Exdeath, since he doesn't deal any BRV DMG, he gets a 40% boost to just his HP DMG Limit

Some characters may share some of their boosts with the party, and in those cases, it will appear on the infographic with Party in front of one of the categories that is listed above.

How do I get HA+?

  • HA+ uses the same book & ingot system that EX+ weapons leverage, except with pink pages/books & pink nuggets/ingots.

  • Pages and nuggets are dropped from certain Lufenia stages that arrive after Divine Alexander, and you can get a free pink ingot from realizing a Lufenia armor, same as the EX+ system.

  • You get about 60 pages and 10-20 nuggets per month, meaning you can only make 1 blue armor per month. USE THEM CAREFULLY.

  • You can convert 10 pink Lufenia tokens for 5 pink nuggets, but this is generally NOT recommended as you would be trading 2 armors for 1/3 of a blue armor...

  • You can also buy nuggets, but since no character requires HA+, you can safely leave your characters at 0/3.

What are the benefits if I don't max my HA+, and I only use 1 or 2 ingots on it?

  • Partial investment is not recommended, as the 3/3 has double the improvements of the other levels. 0/3 or 3/3, don't waste materials with 1/3 or 2/3.

  • Realize Armor to a get free ingot, and when you have 3 ingots, then you should blue one of them.

So which HA+ is the best?

  • There's no tier list for this, get HA+ for anyone you plan to use a lot in Lufenia, and do not get HA+ just to farm a stage

  • Party boosts are probably the most universally useful, as expected

  • Attackers that hit caps will benefit more than most from their HA+

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