Entropy 4 Lightning Solo Guide

Writeup by Vayne Novus of our Tonberry Troupe!

First of all credits to Safeena's Lightning solo run on DFFOO JP!


Lightning is here at last! Now upon research and comparison with Safeena's solo runs in JP, it seems like GL is getting the post-fixed Lightning where her skill's EX gain rate becomes much slower which results to lower EX usage all around.


Removed Speed Passives

1. Quick Sparkstrike

Slightly raises turn rate for Sparkstrike

Crystal Awakening 5

2. Rapid Speed

Slightly raises SPD for 1 turn upon inflicting Break

Crystal Awakening 10

3. Speed Buff

Slightly raises SPD with active buffs

Crystal Awakening 15

4. Quick Flourish of Steel

Slightly raises turn rate for Flourish of Steel

Crystal Awakening 25

5. Ability Speed Bonus

Slightly raises turn rate during ability chain

*Also applies to abilities changed from BRV Attack, HP Attack

Crystal Awakening 40

6. Blinded By Light

Slightly raises ATK, SPD if HP is MAX at start of last wave

Crystal Awakening 50


A - Lightning

Break Raging Initial Attack

When inflicting Break:

• Raises INT BRV, ATK by 2% up to 5 times, once per turn

A - Shadow

Single Critical Attack Longer

Raises ATK by 10% for 6 turns when dealing critical hit to single target

D - Hope

Buff Success Attack Boost All Shorter

After granting buff:

• Raises party's MAX BRV, ATK by 5% for 3 turns

Lightning loves ATK, MBRV & IBRV so Lightning & Hope's sphere is great. For Shadow, you can further replace this with a combination of ATK+MBRV or ATK+IBRV. I just don't have an available A sphere at the moment.


ATK+108 & MBRV+330

ATK+108 & MBRV+330

ATK+108 & IBRV+170

*Much debate here on her arts whether to go mBRV or iBRV. iBRV helps a lot with her regen but with ATK spheres and Ifrit summon in this case she will be capping more often. also in a team composition aspect, bring auras and battery and she'll cap. therefore my personal preference is more mBRV 330. lastly, when her LD (Limited) weapon comes, she'll receive a party regen which scales off mBRV. with her BT (Burst) weapon too boosting her attack greatly, her best in lot arts will definitely be three (3x) ATK+108 & MBRV+330 so i'd rather invest for the future.

Lightning EX Recast Table


*SS = Sparkstrike

*FS = Flourish of Steel


EX (Com I) - FS + 1 HP

EX (Com II) - FS + FS + 1 HP

EX (Com I) - SS + SS

EX (Com II) - SS + SS + 1 HP


EX (Rav I) - SS + SS

EX (Rav II) - SS + SS + 1 HP

EX (Rav I) - FS + FS

EX (Rav II) - FS + FS


General strategy is you want to be in Ravager mode on every start of the wave so you'll get the first turn. Odds are if they act first, they can break you and kill your run. But of course there is that rng miss.

Wave 1

Skills Available: 8/8

Simple Rotation: S2 - EX - FS + 1 HP - EX - S2 - 2 HP

Wave 2

Skills Available: 8/8

The rest here is pretty much free form. Make sure to save skills. A good way to determine when to save skills is when the enemy is gonna have one (1) turn only. You can just BRV++ and break the next turn. When the enemy has two (2) consecutive turns, you want to use skills and speed up to bring back the enemy to 1 turn at a time. Same concept for the next two waves. Note when the enemy is around 40% health and is having the blue aura. This means the enemy is weak to Fire and since we have Ifrit summon, this is the best time to summon.

Wave 3

Skills Available: 7/7

Here got hit by light of sanctions and got inflicted with the debuff at the end which made my mBRV really low which greatly affected the next wave. It is best to avoid it but even if you get afflicted, it is still possible.

Wave 4

Skills Available: 7/6

I spent more turns here than needed because of the debuff but other than that, same strategy. Also if you can, save up all your AA in the last wave instead of using them here.

Wave 5

Skills Available: 6/5

Around ~11-12 skills is needed and at least 2 AAs is recommended here.

The strategy shifts here. You want to spam all your skills and get that EX up and running. The standard rotation of her skills will do.


EX (Rav II) - 2 FS + 1 HP - EX

EX (Com II) - 2 SS + (AA + 2 HP) or (BRV++) - EX

On the initial JP release of Lightning EX+, after you use 2 FS, you didn't need to use that 1 HP so that was huge.

Either way, at the end I took some HP damage but still met the requirements. If I had saved the AA I used in wave 4, and if i didn't had the debuff that reduced my mBRV, I wouldn't have took this HP damage here (good thing Lighting's EX heals herself). This just means there is room for mistakes for this solo run.

Enjoy Lightning!